About NanoSynex

NanoSynex is a MedTech company that aims at providing new solutions to improve testing quality and reduce healthcare costs by speeding up diagnostic processes.

Today, NanoSynex is focused on the development and commercialization of a rapid innovative Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test (AST). The technology is based on a purely phenotypic approach and uses a microfluidic disposable test card platform and method that optimizes bacterial growth. This disruptive development was born from exciting research discoveries at the lab of Professor Shulamit Levenberg, former Dean of the Technion Institute of Technology – Biomedical Engineering Faculty.

NanoSynex’s team is composed of passionate, dedicated business executives, top-notch biomedical engineers and microbiologist team members and supported by a network of experts, including strategic alliances with future distributors, that know how to bring this revolutionary product to the market.


The current team in place consists of 10+ multidisciplinary individuals with broad experience in all relevant areas to make NanoSynex succeed, including two women co-founders, Diane Abensur and Michelle Heymann, passionate about healthcare and innovation for business applications, that have been working together since NanoSynex creation, complementing each other in different key positions within the company.

Advisory board & Kol

The company also counts with more than seven key experts consultants, including :


First place winners of “Suzhou Medtech Global Competition”, organized by TechCode (received a $4K cash prize and a fully subsidized trip to China to join the competition finals and meet potential partners)

Second place winners of “the Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Competition” (received a RMB 130K – ~$18K – cash prize and a fully subsidized trip to China to join the competition finals and meet potential partners)

Winner of the PITCH#5 MEDTECH BOOTCAMP INVESTOR EVENT Received in-kind investment: free legal and professional service providers, partners of the bootcamp
MassChallenge 2017 Class Finalists. Received in-kind investment: free consulting and coaching from Life Science industry and investors experts; free IP review and office space.
SheLovesTech Israeli Finalist